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Trying to outwit a spell only makes matters worse.


Amanda Santorelli is considered a quiet mouse—until her aunt casts a spell on her. Now she’s vocalizing her most private thoughts. With no control over her own mouth, it’s only a matter of time before her boss discovers her secret.


Mark Abbott is happy with the way his unassuming assistant runs his office. But all of a sudden she’s become a new person, and he’s not sure he likes the effect on his orderly work routine.


Confounded by the new Amanda, Mark is reconsidering his vow never to mix business with pleasure.  But Mark doesn’t know if it’s love—or if he’s a victim of Hocus Pocus.


* * * * *



The harder she resists him, the faster her clothes will vanish.


Outspoken Sarah Santorelli hides her sensitive side behind a gruff personality. Fear of abandonment causes her to manipulate romantic relationships to avoid involving her heart. But when her prying aunt casts a love spell on her, every time she lets her guard down, instead of casting off her emotional barriers --the spell makes an item of clothing disappear.


Anthony Mancini lost Sarah by placing his work first. Breaking through her defenses will take all the magic he can get. Thanks to Aunt Lilly’s spell, and a weeklong European cruise, stripping Sarah of her defenses just got easier.



NOW YOU SEE IT  - The story’s magical elements, and its inclusion of well-meaning, winking-and-nudging old ladies, are welcome departures from typical romantic fare. A fun, relatively unpredictable addition to a well-populated genre.

'Kirkus Reviews'

HOCUS POCUS - Teresa Roblin has a definite talent for writing comedy. With witty dialogue and snappy scenes, I couldn't put the book down. I can't wait for Teresa Roblin's second release.

Romance Divas - 5 KISSES

NOW YOU SEE IT - A hilarious comedy of errors and enchanting titillation, Now You See It compelled me into reading it from the first page to the last. I think I spent a majority of the book laughing my head off.

E-CataRomance Reviews - 4.5 STARS

HOCUS POCUS - Teresa Roblin has written a brilliant comedic romance that had me laughing intensely thoughout. I highly recommend this humorous romance a read; Hocus Pocus is surely one you will want to read again and again.

Fallen Angels Review - 5 ANGELS

NOW YOU SEE IT entices readers to dive in from page one, and the ending is certain to please. Teresa Roblin has created a quirky plot that will keep readers entertained and makes for a wonderful read. So grab NOW YOU SEE IT before it disappears!

Romance Junkies - 4.5 BLUE RIBBON

HOCUS POCUS - The reader will be hooked by the very first paragraph and will be taken on a roller coaster ride of a read and will not want to be interrupted until the last word. Put up a big 'Do Not Disturb' sign before starting this book. 

Love Romance - 5 HEARTS

NOW YOU SEE IT - This was a great, erotic read that had me laughing, crying, and sighing over the many hijinks that Sarah and Anthony found themselves in. Not only were Teresa Roblins characters engaging and real, but the descriptions of the various places they visited were awesome.

Fallen Angel Reviews - 5 ANGELS

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