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Welcome to Common Blog!

When I'm not working on my latest novel and have my head stuck in the clouds, I've got my feet planted firmly on the ground and am figuring out ways to make ends meet and keep moving forward.

At first I thought who would want to read my blog and learn the things I have, and then I thought well why the hell not? We're all in the same boat. Always with our heads down, pushing foward, trying to do the best we can for our families and our loved ones.

I'm the oldest of five children, oldest of nine grandchildren, and a recent widow, so I figured it doesn't matter if I'm writing about how I can stretch one meal into four meals, or ways to save money, or how I reduced my electric bill, or the gentle lessons that guided my sons onward and upward, knowledge is knowledge.

My sweet husband used to say, "Common sense isn't common anymore." And he was right.

So I'll share my experiences and know-how and hope that you will benefit from my life lessons. That the most basic, common ideas may inspire and help you, and that you will have your own 'lightbulb' moments.

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