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Just like everyone else, I hate bills. Like clock work, they arrived in my mailbox and every month I dreaded opening those suckers up. I’d take a deep breath, and like pulling off a bandage, I’d open them fast and face how much I owed.

Not anymore!!! No I didn’t win the lottery (I wish), I just figured out a simple way to conquer that mountain of bills. My secret! I did it in small steps. This is what I did.

  1. First, I got my monthly bills and other obligations, like the house taxes, house insurance and alarm and listed them and their totals. Go ahead and customize your chart to include your bills. Mortgage? Car payments? Dental/Braces for the kids? Sports activities?

  2. Secondly, I divided up my totals to show what I would pay per week. So I divided my yearly bill by 52 as there are 52 weeks in a year, divided my bimonthly bills by 8, as there are 8 weeks in two months, and divide my monthly bill by 4.

  3. Thirdly, MY TRICK: I’ve rounded up my totals so that at the end of each month CREDIT BALANCES will start to appear on your bills balances.

Like clockwork, I go into my online banking and pay my bills each week.

And each month I get an email notice from the cable, energy, gas, etc., companies that I have a CREDIT BALANCE. Best of all, my stress levels are down, my bills are paid, and I’m feeling good about myself.

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